Immune cells develop in the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow and are released into the body as immature cells. To reach maturity they require specific proteins.  In our live blood assays we are able to observe our proteins activate immature immune cells.

The figure to the left shows mature & immature immune cells in live blood.  Observed live, immature immune cells are mostly transparent and have no independent movement in the plasma.

In contrast, mature immune cells glow brightly and move through the plasma feeling everything they comes into contact with.  They check red blood cells for infections, free floating cancer cells, pathogens. 

Anything undesirable is immediately targeted for destruction and, the beauty of using one’s own immune system is 95% is recycled into building block for new cells.  Killing the bad guys and turning them into good guys.  The remaining 5% is toxic and transported by other immune cells for elimination from the body.


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