Cytonic products are revolutionary formulas specifically engineered to fortify your body’s trillions of cells, more specifically the cells of your immune system. Cytonic - Cyto (cell) + Tonic (elixir). Cytonics are powerful, natural health products containing V itamin D Transport Protein (VDTP), a glycoprotein sometimes referred to as GcMAF.

The two resulting protein structures, which are present in all Cytonic products, allow for the activation of not only macrophages, but also natural killer cells and B-cells, a truly radical upgrade. In addition, because nagalase is localized to the blood, transdermal Cytonic products (e.g., creams and oils) provide a faster, more efficient route toward propagating lymphocytes and ultimately faster elimination of pathogens, toxins, and tumors.

Cyto Innovations Ltd. works in accordance with ISO17025 and GMP European regulations, raw materials are registered and notified to the relevant authorities from where they are purchased.

Samples of each batch are sent for external sterility testing at a third party testing house. PH.Samples of each batch are assessed for pH with limits set between pH7.0-7.9.

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