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Stability test results, May 2016

  • These results demonstrate that, stored for 3 weeks @ 37°C, the protein lost < 1% of its molecular weight. Gel electrophoresis results show the protein structure did not change. The protein is stable and fit for purpose.
  • 3 months @ 37°C and the protein has degraded by 2%. Protein collapse is observed when degradation > 5%.
  • Stored @ 4°C the protein was demonstrated to be stable for 12 months. . The protein is stable and fit for purpose.
  • Stored < 0°C the protein will be stable for periods far exceeding 12 months. . The protein is stable and fit for purpose.
  • Protein structure collapses @ 75°C for 10mins.

How to store?

  • As demonstrated in the stability test results, this protein is stable for at least 3 weeks @ 37°C, which is body temperature and the ideal temperature for this protien.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep cool.
  • Can be refrigerated for 12 months.

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