With all the scientific papers and scientific explanations, it is easy to get lost in a fog of information. Despite the millions of pounds and dollars spent on ‘cancer research’ over the years, scientists are still no closer to giving a definitive reason as to what causes cancer and because they are looking so closely at the minute details, they seem to be missing the point about how to cure cancer. There are many people who have suffered from, and survived, cancer. Some of them have been through the medical route and endured painful chemo and radiation therapy. Others have been told that their cancer is too difficult to treat or too far progressed to be able to be saved with conventional medicine, and were told to go home and put their affairs in order.

Those who survive this have done so by listening to alternatives, thinking about and learning from their own body and trying remedies that are considered ‘quackery’.


The causes of cancer.

Cancer cells are not aliens. They are your own cells that have mutated due to some environmental factor that has put them under enormous stress. They have mutated to survive, because that is the main driving force behind every living thing, the instinct to live. Cancer is a symptom of the disease or an environmental stress, and removing the disease is the key to preventing the spread of the cancer.

Every single person started out as a cancer-like growth of cells. The embryo, in its first few days, is a mass of cells that will divide and divide with no determined growth pattern. It does not need much oxygen to grow. It is only after it settles into the womb and starts to become nourished and oxygenated by the mother do the cells start to specialize and become brain cells, liver cells, skin cells and so on. When a normal cell, for example a liver cell, is put under so much stress that it cannot function it devolves back to the original life form just to survive. Once this occurs, the cell no longer functions as a liver cell, requires little oxygen to survive and replicates rapidly. It is now a cancer cell and out of control.

There are many types of cancer, because there are many causative factors and many original cell types. The type of cancer that occurs will depend entirely on the individual and the lifestyle, diet and genetic make-up of that person.

So, there you have it. Cancer is not a disease. It is a symptom of an ailment. It is possible to cure the underlying disease and still have tumours, but provided the cause has been dealt with, these tumours will not be malignant.

Basics behind fighting cancer

To fight cancer, you will need a good diet and exercise, a good immune system, a clean and healthy environment and a positive spirit.

Diet – There are many different diet cancers and eating strategies, which have proven abilities to fight cancer. Your dietary requirements are as individual as you and your cancer and it is recommended that you seek advise from a specialist nutritionalist. However, there are a few basics that run through most of the diet programs

- Remove all sources of sugar. Cancer is very sugar-hungry and removing sugar from your diet removes one of the food supplies.

- Milk causes the body to create mucus, especially in the intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus so remove all dairy from your diet. Milk also contains female hormones, and a surplus of these can trigger breast cancer, the most common form of cancer affecting women, as well as prostate cancer in men.

- Cancer thrives in an acid environment. A meat based diet is acidic, so it is best to eat fish. Most meat contains livestock antibiotics, artificial growth hormones and parasites, all of which are particularly harmful to people already fighting cancer.

- Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remains in the intestines and putrifies, adding further toxins to the body. Whilst trying to fight cancer, your body needs to use all its available enzymes in building healthy cells, so eating raw fruit and vegetables helps to increase the enzymes available to your body. These add to the digestive enzymes, rather than deplete them.

- Enzymes are also needed to attack the tough outer protein covering of cancer cells, allowing your body’s immune system to penetrate and destroy the cancer cells. Cooking food above 104f / 40c degrees will destroy the enzymes.

- Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Daily exercise, or yoga and meditation with deep breathing, all help to get oxygen into the molecular level. Improving the alkalinity of your blood will also help with the transportation of oxygen to your cells.

- Cut down on your tea, coffee and chocolate, which is high in caffeine. Replace with green tea which has cancer fighting properties. Drink purified water, never tap water which contains fluorides and other toxins or distilled water which is acidic.

Just to clarify the point on acidity versus alkalinity of blood, almost every cancer patient has an acidic blood pH. A healthy level will be above 7.4, and cancer cells will die at 8.5, whereas healthy cells will live. Acidic blood is due to a poor diet, pure and simple. The blood picks up oxygen from the lungs due to an ionic process and drops the oxygen off where there is a surplus of carbon dioxide. The blood then picks up the carbon dioxide and takes that back to the lungs. Where there is an acidic pH, the blood does not pick up as much oxygen, and is therefore unable to carry to oxygen deep into the body where it is most needed and remove the carbon dioxide from these areas. The stage is set for cell death and cancer cell survival.

Immune system

As we can see, cancer is a symptom of a disease or a result of an environmental stress. This environmental stress can be anything from poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, pollution etc. Once cancer has taken a hold, then changing your diet alone will not defeat it. Your body needs to build up its immune system rapidly in order to take on the fight that is rapidly advancing.

- Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine drug. Your body makes its own vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, and a few minutes in the sunshine will give the equivalent of a health food pill. Vitamin D is probably one of the most important vitamins for your immune system, but most people are chronically deficient due to the misinformation of sunlight being bad for your health. This deficiency cannot be reversed overnight, so it is important to start obtaining sunlight exposure and taking high dose supplementation as soon as the fight is on.

- Vitamin D Binding protein is the transport system for vitamin D in the body. Without this, the vitamin D ingested via food or supplements may be ineffective. Vitamin D binding protein is converted to gcmaf in the body using naturally occurring enzymes Gcmaf is extensively studied and proven to have anti cancer and anti angiogenesis properties, as well as suppressing the spread of metastases. However, when a cancer becomes established, it produces its own enzyme called Nagalase. Nagalase reduces the body’s ability to create gcmaf, leading to a lack of immune activation and finally immunosuppression. Reintroducing gcmaf helps to restore the immune system which then will attack the cancer and other ailments. This in turn reduces the nagalase levels generated by the pathogens and finally the body is able to create its own gcmaf, once the nagalase levels are restored to normal.

- The primary function of the lymph system is to protect the body from infection and disease via the immune response. It also removes waste from the cells and transfers it to the bloodstream to be carried away for disposal. Lymph is not pumped in the same way as blood; instead the system is equipped with one-way valves which propel the fluid in one direction. Lymph is moved by muscular contractions such as exercise, deep breathing, laughing or application of external pressure such as massage. Lack of circulation can lead to infections.

Healthy environment

Your body is the sum total of your genetic make-up, the food you eat, the fluids your drink, the air you breathe and the chemicals that you subject your skin to. There are so many toxins in a normal household that it is almost impossible to list them. You do not need all the chemicals; all household cleaners can be made from a few basic and safe ingredients. Personal hygiene products read like a list from a chemical factory and are, in the main, superfluous to a good and healthy lifestyle.

Positive spirit.

This is a major factor in the fight against cancer. This is the fight of your life and it is going to take total commitment. Your illness may well be as a result of years of poor diet, environmental stress or infection. It is not going to go away overnight and you may well feel worse before you feel better. However, it is important to make a plan and stick to it, or improve it as you go. Many patients try it for a while and give up, saying it wasn’t working. Never give up. It takes time, it takes effort. Most of all it takes a positive spirit and you are worth it.

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